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We are grateful for all donations and you now have two options for supporting the team. Below are the options.

1) You can donate to the Red Cedar Rowing Foundation, the MSU Crew Club’s supporting alumni organization. All Red Cedar Rowing donations go to team equipment costs and other team costs. All donations are tax deductible. Please visit to donate.

2) Invest in the long term financial stability of the team and donate to the endowment. These donations are managed by MSU and the capital is never spent. The team receives 5% of the total amount annually. Donations are tax deductible and the university sends a tax receipt letter.

Donate to the Endowment

Thank you to all MSU Crew donors!


Novice ($25-$149)

Robert Bigham (2016-2017)

Patrick & Anita Mitchell (2016-2017)

June Knostman (2016-2017) 

Louise Alderson (2016-2017)

Patricia Abood (2016-2017)

Darrell Duffield (2015-2016)


JV ($100-$249)

Sandra Frauenheim (2016-2017)

Joan Bauer (2016-2017)

James Hughes (2015-2016)

Jake Pluta (2015-2016)

Charley & LeaAnne Janssen (2015-2016)

Larry Lee (2015-2016)


Varsity ($250+)

Charley & LeaAnne Janssen (2016-2017)

Victoria Vink (2015-2016)

Michael Vincent (2015-2016)

Michael Slopsema (2015-2016)

Diane Burek (2015-2016)

Kevin Vermeesh (2015-2016)

Joseph Vermeesh (2015-2016)

Karl Harshe (2015-2016)

Jeffrey Pipp (2015-2016)

David & Janet O’Leary (2015-2016)


Championship (Learn)

Jim Perkins (2015-2017)

Brett Newlin (2016-2017)

Dan Boyne (2016-2017)

Driven Collision (2016-2017)


Olympic (Learn)

Alec McAree (2015-2017)